"CAD" = computer-aided drafting. We provide expert CAD services
regardless of if we do the construction or not.
Free preliminary home plans.
Koskey Corporation
Ist class construction, renovations and repairs
The first rule in any building or renovation project is never start without
drawings that
completely detail what you are doing. Yet many projects are
done with just a sketch or two. Homes are built with just a handful of
drawings. The result can be: costs far exceed estimates; furniture that doesn't
fit; kitchens that are too crowded; space that is wasted and customers that
didn't get what they wanted. Ultimately, the resale value suffers.
A good design has many characteristics: it must be able to be built to code at
the least; it should accommodate what it will be used for; it should use
natural light to the utmost; it should have good air flow, both naturally and
using HVAC systems; it should be maintainable; and 100's of other factors.
Cabinets designed knowing where and how many pots and pans will be
stored, where and how many glasses, dishes and flatware sets will be
stored, yet most kitchens have a cabinet where to get one item requires
moving ten.
Nothing helps to visualize
a project better than a 3D