Koskey Corporation
Ist class construction, renovations and repairs
We built this commercial bathroom
building for $6,000 less than the
nearest competitive bid , then seeing
the need, we threw in the concrete
barbecue serving table as lagniappe.
Above, a temporary staircase serves
guests while a 10 ft wide dune ramp
capable of carrying heavy emergency
rescue vehicles to the beach takes shape
We are the people to see for beach projects, handling
everything from conceptual drawings, DEP permits, ADA
needs, with quality storm smart construction techniques
Are guest
loosing flip
flops in the
sand? We
solved the
problem with
our unique
beach shoe
Fun shower racks, covered
bench seats, quality tongue
and groove construction,
everything sanded smooth.  
All features we are known
Concrete tables are great to build
outside. Here we used 30 feet of #5
rebar don't skimp on the forming, it's
500 lbs. of concrete.
Over 600 feet of new dock replaces a
very tired old structure at Sandpiper Cove