Ceiling Treatments
Koskey Corporation
Ist class construction, renovations and repairs
The beautiful back lighted pecky cypress ceiling above took about
30 man-hours to install but 3 weeks to prepare the cypress.
Coffered ceilings
like this are a
popular ceiling

They can be made
entirely with trim
lumber or with
drywall and crown
Here we used a
unique roof
truss design to
add 24" to room
height and
create a unique
but simple tray
Notice the
barrel ceiling
created with
elliptical metal
Here we added a 16" x 12"
barrel crown molding that we
created with a heavy Venetian
plaster finish to create a
unique barrel ceiling design.
Some 100 year
old barn cypress
found a new
home here....
after a few layers
of lead paint were
planed off.
Heavy duty Norandex vinyl
panels give the appearance
of 6" white washed wood
boards for a clean efficient
soffit look.

All our vinyl ceiling are rated
for 150 MPH, exposure D
winds. This is not something
you can buy at your local box