Koskey Corporation
Ist class construction, renovations and repairs
This is the story of a commercial building built in 1942. The
"A" frame truss roof had parapet walls all around and two
drain pipes for rainwater. Every 5-8 years roofers were called
in to stop leaks. They would redo the roof with more layers of
built up roofing at a cost of about $22,000
each time. When
we cut an inspection hole we found 42 layers of roofing.
After a very wet spring we were
called in to recommend a new
roofer to do the same thing over
again. Instead we designed a
new higher
roof system with a
standing seam sloped roof to
end this constant replacement
Using cranes to raise new material onto the roof we built reinforced framing for a
new higher roof that wouldn't need drain pipes to dispose of rain water. The result is
a new metal standing seam roof that will give many years more service that the old
swimming pool design.
Bottom line is we solve problems
a little different. Sorry we weren't
around for these guys 70 years
ago, but today this historical
building has a new lease on life
Formosa termites
invaded and ate
the walls
supporting this
staircase. We
rebuilt them from
the ground up
while leaving this
roof in place.
Yes, those little
bugs are live
Formosa termites
that survived