New Windows & Doors
Koskey Corporation
Ist class construction, renovations and repairs
These out swing French doors made by
Anderson operate like a swiss watch
Doors are the most used part of a building and as such, have the most wear &
tear. We always advise customers to get the best quality you can afford. In
French doors, that would be Anderson but the 3 above will cost about $4000
each. The lowest cost French door is about $800 but if that is what you want to
spend, stay away from the discount houses and let us customize that budget
door so it gives you years of trouble free service.
Half the time we are asked to
trouble shoot a window or
door, the problem was poor
installation to begin with.
Correcting handy man and
discount house installations
is constant business for us
For the best value we recommend Eastern Architectural Vinyl
Windows with a nail flange that can be sealed to the host structure.
The best glazing is impact glass with low E argon gas filled thermo
pane, type 366 glass that keeps the sun's heat and glare out with a
high percentage of clarity.
Our new window and door
showroom will be opening
soon at 80 South Geronimo
Street, Miramar Beach, FL